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New books released every month!
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Financial Residency
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Financial Residency

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by Ryan Inman

Control your financial future as a physician without the long hours or sleepless nights. (Because you got enough of those in residency!)

A financial plan guides you during good and bad times, ups and downs of the market, job changes, and financial setbacks. Creating a financial plan is not all about money, budgeting, and investing--it’s about enabling you to live the life you truly want. 

Physicians are the smartest people on the planet when it comes to medicine, so why not finances too?

Ryan Inman is the host of the Financial Residency podcast and President of Physician Wealth Services, a fee-only financial planning firm that works exclusively with physicians across the country. He helps physicians create a life they love by helping them gain control of their money, the same way you make a patient feel better about their health.

Taylor Inman, M.D., Ryan’s better half, is a pediatric pulmonologist at Naval Medical Center San Diego. She believes physicians have the power within to create (and pursue) their ideal lives and, with the right balance and determination, they can do just about anything—making them the ultimate superheroes.

Praise for Financial Residency:

“This book makes an otherwise daunting process digestible, actionable, and concrete. If you are a physician having trouble getting started on your financial plan, this is the book for you." --James D. Turner, M.D., founder of The Physician Philosopher blog, co-host of the Money Meets Medicine podcast, and author of The Physician Philosopher's Guide to Personal Finance

“Ryan Inman is a financial planner who’s married to a doctor so he gets the unique money challenges we face. Use this user-friendly information to get yourself on the right financial path.” --David Draghinas, M.D., host, Doctors Unbound podcast

“Financial discussions should begin by asking questions. This book does that and has the ability to put your finances on solid ground. Ryan and Taylor hit a home run.” --Joe Saul-Sehy, creator of the award-winning Stacking Benjamins podcast and spouse to a pediatrician

“This book is kick-ass! Practical and easy to use to create less stress in your financial life.” --Veena Jetti, founding partner, Enzo Multifamily, and spouse to an anesthesiologist

“This book inspired me to take a new look at my life goals. If you want to attain your dream life, then start by reading this book.” --Dr. Cory S. Fawcett, the Financial Success M.D., author of The Doctors Guide book series

“Taylor and Ryan have made an amazing contribution to the financial education of physicians, so they can get their finances on track quickly. Amazing!” —Carrie Reynolds, M.D., pediatric gastroenterologist and host of the Hippocratic Hustle podcast

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  • Publisher : Aloha Publishing (March 23, 2020)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 148 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1612061974
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1612061979
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  • Keywords: Personal Finance, Healthcare Education, Financial Advising/Physicians